Choose your favourite products from hundreds of thousands of high-quality items to build your own retail store. By connecting to our catalogue and setting up your own Dropshipping business, you do not need to keep an inventory, prepare contents or fulfil the orders. Just put your investment, resources and focus on marketing and we will take care of the rest for you!

Sell high quality products made in Europe by reliable brands

How it works

If you are not familiar with Dropshipping business model, please search about it on the net or read in here. However, in addition to support Dropshipping businesses, we accept wholesale orders for physical or traditional e-commerce stores as well.

1- Requirements

To start selling our products on the net, you need to have an up and running e-commerce website. Regardless of using open-source CMS systems or coding your own website from scratch, it is possible to connect and sync our product catalogue to your store.

If you have built your store on Shopify, Jumpseller, Shoprenter, Ecwid, BigCommerce, Squarespace, Wix, WooCommerce or KMO Shops, integrating our product catalogue is very easy. You can just use the Syncee app to automate the whole integration, ordering, sales, payment and shipping processes.

2- Marketing

Choosing Dropshipping as a business model reduces the initial requirements and investment to kick start an e-commerce business but that does not mean you do not have further expenses while running the business. It is critical to understand your target market, customers, competitors and have a viable pricing strategy. It takes a lot of marketing activities and investment to raise awareness about your business and generate business leads.

3- Well-designed website

The reliability of a website depends on multiple parameters and factors including the UI (User Interface) and functionality. When we receive a request for using our product catalogue, we will investigate a little bit on your website to see if the design and functionality meets the standard requirements. If your store is under construction or maintenance, or if the design and functionality is less than what is expected of a reliable website, the request will be rejected. We are very careful not to associate our brand, products and suppliers with inappropriate user experience.


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4- Sals and Fulfilment

When you receive an order and get paid for it, your website will automatically cut your profit margin and transfer the rest of the payment to our system. Right after receiving your payment, we will start the fulfilling process of the orders including a final QC, packaging and shipping.

As a standard procedure, we do not include any marketing, advertisement, company information and such in the packages. In other words, we provide blind shipping for retailers. However, upon your request we can print out and include your own invoice inside every package.