Sell your products directly to 60,000+ online dropship retailers

By joining our catalogue, you will have access to a global network of retailers who market, sell and distribute your brand and products. In average we receive more than 10 new requests from retailers every day to connect their business to our catalogue and that number is increasing every day.

We carefully assess and evaluate our retailers’ website from design, functionality and technical perspectives to make sure they meet acceptable standards to represent your products.

How it works

To have a better understanding of the whole process, we will walk you through the different stages:

1- Connect your inventory to our catalogue.

You need to provide a live feed of your inventory for us including the product information, images, prices, quantity and so on. This could be in a .xml feed format or a .csv, .xml or .json file saved on a cloud drive like Google Drive or Dropbox. You are responsible for keeping your data feed updated since it will be synchronized automatically and all the prices, stock quantity and changes that you make will directly be updated in our catalogue too.

Here are some examples for different formats:

The data feed file must contain at least:

  • SKU, Variant SKU
  • Barcode or Handle
  • Public Image URL (images via cloud-share sources like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. are NOT accepted)
  • Title
  • Price
  • Inventory Quantity
  • Description
  • Option Value 1
  • Option Value 2

2- Receiving orders.

Retailers will start adding your products to their website, market them and receive orders. The same order will be registered on your website automatically as well and the price will be paid via the online payment method on your website.

Please note that the number of sales may depend on multiple factors including the competitiveness of your prices, quality of images, having correct and well-organized product details and explanation, your industry or business segment and so on.


3- Fulfil locally.

Regardless of the order destination, you just need to fulfil the received orders locally by packing and shipping them to our logistics centre. In Turkey, we have our logistics centre in Istanbul where we receive and collect all the orders and send them to the destination of customers.

This will help you to eliminate the troubles of the international shipping process. Also, in case some customers order multiple products from different suppliers, the products will be shipped collectively in a single package instead of sending multiple packages to the same destination.

- Reduce your marketing costs; adding your products to our catalogue is totally free

- Expand your storefront; via selling on hundreds of retailer websites

- Local shipping; we take care of international freights

- Get paid in advance; you receive the payment before fulfilling the orders

- Go global; showcase your products in international markets

- Receive wholesale orders; some retailers bulk order their favourite products